What are we passionate about?

At Think Deep Creative, we believe:

  • There is a science and art to quality marketing.
  • Properly arranged, those digital ones and zeroes can make you very successful.
  • What your brand does is only as relevant as how it makes people feel.
  • People turn to brands and products that make them feel good.
  • Consumers want to be sold, like to be convinced, and love to believe in your products.
  • Building a great brand calls for bravery – a willingness to embrace new ideas.
  • Successful marketing = a great brand, solid campaign concepts, and an effective strategy.

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Meet the Founders


Creative & Strategy


Rob has an amazing portfolio of creative and strategic marketing solutions for clients. (See his portfolio at peughcreative.com) Rob has been in a variety of influential roles, such as the Digital Marketing Director for Archer & Hound Advertising, Marketing Director for EEDAR, and Marketing Director for Tzumi Electronics – to name a few. Organizations that have utilized Rob’s work include Microsoft, Disney, Oculus, Sony, NPD Data, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, The American Red Cross and many more!

Rob is the founder of Think Deep Creative, and lives in San Diego, CA with his wife Stephanie and their pug, Bartholomew.

Random Fact

Off the clock Rob is an avid gamer, musician, and has a knack for interior design as well as refurbishing retro mid-century furniture!


Digital Automation


Steph Peugh began her marketing career at a startup six years ago and never looked back. She has established, grown, and run four in-house marketing departments from scratch. She’s directed and implemented countless successful marketing campaigns and has driven strategies that produce results. Steph believes in excellent branding, the power of data, and challenging the status quo. Steph can currently be found powering the Digital Marketing initiatives at World Vision.


Pablo Picasso said, ‘Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.’ When I was a little girl, I fell in love with painting, crafting, and working with my hands. I went to an arts magnet school in San Diego and that shaped my imagination and love of art. So why marketing? I absolutely love the problem solving and creative challenges that are integrated in all aspects of marketing. My challenge today is to make room for the creativity every day. When I’m not marketing, I paint, craft, and create. Artists that inspire me include Marc Chagall, Mary Blair, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Chuck Close.

Random Fact

Before she was a marketer, Steph was a flight attendant for a regional airline.


Office Manager


Bartholomew lives for client satisfaction. Bart’s daily tasks include reorganizing his belongings in our office and performing quality assurance research on our office seating.


I am inspired by long walks to the park, food, contemplative bone chews, and the guy who painted the dogs playing poker. I love to watch funny videos of pugs on YouTube.

Random Fact

Bart’s tongue is always sticking out. Always. Even when he sleeps.